Why Victoria?


The town of Victoria is located along the famous Baccalieu Trail, sitting in a scenic evergreen valley. Victoria was settled in the early 1800’s by fisherman from the coastal communities of Flatrock, Otterbury, Carbonear, and Freshwater. They came here to cut firewood and timber for their flakes, and of course to build homes. They found lush, untouched forests with rich soil, leading them to the decision to settle and raise their families here. Though located inland, Victoria is not far removed from the ocean. Our early settlers lived off the land and sea, foraging the way for our story to begin. Family names such as Parsons, Clarke, Antle, and Dean were among those early settlers, and continue to live here.


  • Thousands of acres of vacant land suitable for building
  • Large pool of young, trained, energetic workers
  • Located at the junction of two well maintained highways
  • Schools and playgrounds
  • Heritage park
  • One hour drive from the capital, St. John’s
  • Indoor/ outdoor recreational areas
  • Volunteer Fire Dept
  • Less than three kilometres from the Carbonear General Hospital and Health Clinic
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Conception Bay Highway Victoria, NL A0A 4G0
(709) 596-5020
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