Spaniard’s Bay

Spaniard’s Bay

Why Spaniard's Bay?

Catch the spirit of the beautiful coastal town of Spaniard’s Bay. Located on the Baccalieu Trail on Route 70, it is the largest bay in Conception Bay North.

The name Spaniard’s Bay derived from the fishermen of Jersey who came to fish our shores from the Channel Islands around the turn of the 15th century. On June 8, 1965, the Town of Spaniard’s Bay incorporated as a municipality and 1991, the neighbouring community of Tilton was amalgamated as part of the new Municipality of Spaniard’s Bay. Today we have a steady population of 2694.

Let us show you what we have to offer! Take a stroll around and you will experience some of our hidden treasures. For the artist or the visitor, the scenery of the landscape here is a sight to behold, a must see!  We are also home to a 565-million-year old fossil find and a protected bird estuary, a ‘Birders’ Paradise,’ the ‘Jewel in our Midst.’

We are a vibrant and growing community with all the modern conveniences, yet can maintain a small town atmosphere. The potential growth for tourism increases each year. Spaniard’s Bay is centrally located, has an Elementary School, High School located nearby, is close to large shopping centers, a hospital, and a 50-minute drive to St. John’s.                     

  • Coastal living, Town nestled along the Atlantic Ocean
  • Protected Wetlands Management Zones
  • Heritage Museum
  • Public wharf boat launch
  • Hiking trails close by


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